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I hate this stupid thing!
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   Thursday, August 7
Damn thing, i hate this crap im putting this HERE for now
bear with me people, its not my day and school is starting so my blog will be like this for a while...


what the fuck, this damn ting is being a bitch and its pissing me off! go to hell blogger!!!BLOGGER


Goddamn blogger

Sorry, im having technical difficulties.....

   Sunday, August 3
Wow that was a long post

EWW i dont like the new setup blogger has! CHANGE BAD! Speaking of which, i got a scanner! yes now i can go bad to my old website and post stuff cuz i said id post artowrk but i lied and no one cares cuz no one knows what im talking about cuz i dont spell words the right way or use punctuation or capitalization because I DONT HAVE TO! HA!

Tax free week end!
I went shopping! The first thing i got landed on my shoe though but you can just call me CinnaShoe. Rusty does! But i got a sexy Scottish kilt and other stff. I gave into the whole right crap on your ass so people will look at more fashion statement thing. My ass says Bling Bling. Im cooler than you now o, what are you gonna do about it? oh your ass says Princess, never mind.....

And i saw Angus there or Aaron or whatever the fuck his name is. guess i cant complain about ppl changing there name, look at my name. well yes i can complain becuase there arent 17 Aaron at our school! theres enough Katies for a whole club! the Katie Club! (of which im teasurer by the way)

Well crap no one reads this becuase i have no friends except Rusty and Spike (haha im being protective of their names so you cant stak them! nanny nanny boo boo) wow im acting crazy, i like i drank too much sprite....terrorists probably spiked it or somthing. how come the government has thought of that one yet? when they do, itll be a code orange day again, ....George Bush sucks.

PS. his middle name is Wonka, fits doesnt it?

See Liza! i can bitch again! ITs a PISSY entry!

BYE everybody! All 2 of you who read this! and all none of you that understand it! and by the way, im going to steal that chatter box thing from STeven's blog. muhwahahahaha....

look what colors these are Liza!